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Strategy to Action

Figuring out why your business exists establishes a solid foundation.  Pairing that with a tangible destination provides needed direction.  But neither supply the how.  Which, in this context, includes a Marketing Plan to address demand and a Strategic Resource Plan to address supply.  

Demand.  Our Marketing Plan works to establish measurable sales objectives through a variety of practical means that include defining your target customers and their personas,  identifying your competitive differentiation in your industry, analyzing your threats and opportunities, creating campaign objectives and building an activity calendar of that ties it all together.

Supply.  Our Strategic Resource Plans is essentially an incremental Gap Analysis that examines what you need and when you need it to satisfy your customer demand.  Whether its people, technology, infrastructure - or all three - we will work with you to map the resources you will need to reach your objectives.  

Core Navigational Planning

Mission, Vision and Values.  If you are in business, you've heard these words over and over again.  Few notions are more widely recognized.  Yet, despite the popularity, the practical application of these concepts are often mistaken as superficial exercises, window dressing or dismissed entirely - this is a big and costly mistake!   

Your Mission, Vision and Values materially define the parameters that drive the creation of your Pro Forma.  Together, these four fundamentals provide the direction and core foundation for all your strategic and tactical planning.  Without these navigational guidelines, there is really no logical way to develop the goals and objectives needed to chart a linear course to success.  The business progresses by trial and error that result in more missteps, more false starts and more avoidable errors.  This is an expensive, avoidable and dangerous way to do business.