On-Line Business Dashboards

Track all your key information and objectives in one place!  From on-line metrics in Google Analytics, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube to financial objectives in Quickbooks and customized performance indicator metrics - your customized information center to easily keep your finger on your business’s pulse. 

Set-Up Starting at $299

Subscriptions As Low As $99 /month

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Business Plan Follow-Up Meetings

Business Plans that collect dust are simply a waste of precious time and effort - not to mention the cost of not staying on course and reaching your highest potential of growth and profitability.  Implement your plan the right way with scheduled check-ups to assess progress and the need for adjustments to stay on course for success!

Starting at $175 /meeting

Growing your company and adding employees is typically something that's exciting, a sign you are moving in the right direction and your entrepreneurial determination is beginning to pay off!  But employee management is a bit of a different animal that requires a bit of a different structure to be successful and avoid unnecessary risk. 

Can you answer the following questions?

  • What legal protections can an employment application provide?
  • How do job descriptions help you management disability claims?

Human Resource Management, Employee Handbooks, Job Descriptions, Hiring Guides

Starting at $2,499 

Human Resource Department Starter Kit

  • What's the criteria for categorizing an individual a 1099 Contractor?

  • What legal risk do you face by mis-categorizing an employee as an independent contractor?

  • Do you know the legal thresholds that mandate compliance to federal and respective state labor laws?

  • What's you process to address claims of discrimination?  Absenteeism?  Performance?  Poor behaviors?

  • Why are behavioral interviewing techniques one of the best ways to accurately interview a candidate?

  • Are you paying your employees too much?  Perhaps you aren't paying enough to be competitive?

  • Do you have an established performance system to objectively and defensibly calculate merit increases?

If you had a bit of difficulty coming up with answers -  not to worry - you are in the right place.  Our Starter Kit will get you moving in the right direction with the fundamentals you need to begin an effective employee management program.  The Kit Includes:

  • An Employee Handbook

  • 10 Position Development Projects - Each Including

    • A Job Descriptions

    • A Way Survey

    • Behavioral Interview Questions

    • Objective Evaluation Criteria

  • A Performance Evaluation System

  • A Quick Guide to Labor Law Thresholds