Need A Bit More Structure In The Office?

There is a point in virtually every growing company when an owner looks back on their accomplishments, forward to completing their vision, takes inventory of the current state of their business, sits down and realizes their business isn't a baby anymore.   This is actually a good thing, a true hallmark moment when you realize your business is starting to really move forward. 
It's exciting, scary and the point at which you start to realize your spouse's-third-cousin-once-removed might need a bit of help managing your human resources.   Not an uncommon situation - way past the basement, but not ready to spend $150k on a solid human resource professional. 
Fortunately, there's an affordable alternative.  The Accelious HR Starter Kit provides the fundamentals your growing company needs to help you stay compliant, add needed structure and hire the right people for the right positions.  It's the next step in your evolution.