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Do You Know Which Labor Laws Apply to Your Business?
Do You Need a Policy for Family Medical Leave?
Are Your Employees Classified Correctly?
Are Your Job Descriptions Designed to Reduce Risk?
Do You Need a Policy for Paid Sick Time?
Does Your Employee Application Reduce Exposure?
How Well Could You Defend a Charge of Discrimination?
Application for Employment
Employee Handbook
Job Descriptions
Job-Specific Interview Guides w/ Scoring
Guidelines for Behavioral Interviewing
Guidelines for Job Classification
Guidelines for Major Labor Laws
Labor Expense Analysis
Managerial Alignment Analysis
Performance Expectation Analysis
Succession Planning & Gap Analysis
Wage Survey
There's a better path.
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Human Resource Fundamentals Module.
The ability to answer these kinds of questions with confidence is a pretty good indicator of the state of your human resource department and it's ability to contribute to the overall success of your organization.  If you missed on these basic questions, there's a decent chance your company is unnecessarily exposed to risk that could cost material time and money to defend and correct. 
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What Makes A Business Healthy?

The answer really depends on who you ask.  If that question was posed to an accountant, they might tell you about the company’s financials.  If asked of an operational manager, they might describe the critical importance of execution and accountability.  The human resource executive might argue that institutional knowledge drives business health. All of these answers are actually correct and describe a factor that is common to the success of any organization. 

At Accelious, we are committed to providing the very best operational services to our customers.  But we also understand, that regardless of how well daily operational responsibilities are executed, a company with poor foundations will be hard-pressed to reach their highest levels of profitability, growth and potential.  
That is why we offer the Accelious Foundations Series.  A variety of available modules that focus implementing the core principals that contribute to business success.  The series is divided into three main sections:  Human Resources, Strategic Business Planning and Financial Management. 

At the start of it all, is our Business Health Assessment.  A comprehensive report driven by the answers you provide to some key questions that are designed to calculate the current state of the foundations you have in place and working towards your business's success.  The report is complimentary as is the consultation to review the results and discuss your strategic options.    

The Need for Solid Business Foundations