Operational Services

Accounting Services

The terms bookkeeping and accounting are frequently used interchangeably, they are two services that are materially different but equally important to the pursuit of business success.  

Bookkeeping focuses on collecting and properly recording the financial transactions of your business.  Organizing the enormous amount of transactional data in a uniform way is an essential foundation the will give an organization the ability to file accurate tax returns, analyzing an organization’s performance and developing sound strategy for achieving ultimate success.   Put another way, bookkeeping is the fuel that drives the analytics which keeps your business moving forward. 

Accounting focuses on using the transactional data produced by the bookkeeping process to analyze what the numbers truly mean to the business.  This is where the rubber truly meets the road in terms of driving business success.  The two services combine to provide the comprehensive financial management and insight ever business needs to survive.  Without solid and professional Accounting Services the objectives within business plans and the ability to make wise organizational decisions are compromised at a material level.  Candidly put - your business will not survive without solid Accounting.

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Accounting & Tax Services...

Monthly Organization of Financial Transactions

Monthly Categorization of Financial Transactions

Set-Up New Chart of Accounts

Repair or Reconstruct Existing Chart of Accounts

General Ledger Review

Account Reconciliation

Accounts Payable

Accounts Receivable

Cash Flow Management

Implementation of Accounting Software Packages

Tax Preparation

Tax Filing

Certified Public Accounting

Service Fees

Accounting & Bookkeeping

  Subscription Services Starting at $899/month

  Hourly Services at $75 /hour

Tax Preparation Services

  Personal Returns Starting at $500.00

  Corporate Returns Starting at $1,000.00

  Hourly Services at $199.00 /hour

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Technology Assistance

Does Your Business Stop If Your Technology Does?

It doesn't need to be that way.  We can help!

Hardware Set-up
Hardware Service & Support
Network Architecture
Network Set-Up
Network Service & Support
Office 365 Set-Up & Support
Microsoft Azure Set-Up & Support
General Problem Solving
Starting at $99 /hour

Hardware Sales Too

Human Resource Department Starter Kit

Growing your company and adding employees is typically something that's exciting, a sign you are moving in the right direction and your entrepreneurial determination is beginning to pay off!  But employee management is a bit of a different animal that requires a bit of a different structure to be successful and avoid unnecessary risk. 

Can You Answer the Following Questions?

  • What legal protections can an employment application provide?

  • How do job descriptions help you manage disability claims?

  • What's the criteria for categorizing an individual as an Independent Contractor?

  • Do you know the legal thresholds that mandate compliance to federal and respective state laws?

  • What's your process to address claims of discrimination?  Absenteeism?  Performance?  

  • Why are behavioral interviewing techniques one of the best ways to avoid claims of discrimination?

  • Are you paying your employees too much?  Too little?

  • Do you have an established performance system to objectively and defensibly calculate merit increases?

How'd you do?  If you had a bit of difficulty, you are certainly not alone.  The good news, you are in the right place for help.  Our Starter Kit will get you moving in the right direction with the fundamentals to begin an effective employee management program.  

Our Kit Includes

Employee Handbook

Job Descriptions

Wage Survey

Behavioral Interview Guide

Performance Evaluation Guide

Merit Increase Systems

Guide to Labor Law Thresholds

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Kit Pricing Starts at $2,499.00 - Some Services Sold Separately