Knowing Your Customers

Knowing Your Customers

The Critical Importance Of Knowing Your Customers

An important part of any story are the characters.  The story of your business is no exception - we call them customers - and since the principal objective of any organization is to sell their goods or services to customers, your story cannot really exist without them.   Going a bit deeper, what makes a story great is how well the characters are developed.  For example, what motivates them, what inspires them, what are their desires, what are their concerns and in the context of business - what drives them to make a purchase.  The more you understand those attributes, the better you can satisfy your customers, the more customers you attract, the more revenue you generate.  A pretty straight forward equation.

How We Help Your Understand Your Customers

We combine research, observation, insights and - if possible - direct interaction with your existing customers to develop detailed Personas that can be used in a variety of ways including, but not limited to...               

Building More Effective Content Marketing Strategies

Refine and Develop Better Market Segmentation

Better Social Media Targeting Using Market Segmentation

Better Email Targeting Using Market Segmentation

Better Text Targeting Using Market Segmentation

Improving Search Engine Optimization

Refining Keyword Targets

Starting At $1,250.00 /Persona Three Pack

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