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Business Plans

Business Plans

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Full Business Plan

" failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail..."

- Benjamin Franklin

Neither you nor your business can reach its full potential without a solid plan that fits your particular needs.  In some instances, those needs require a comprehensive insight that provides a complete and detailed account of why your company exists, what exactly you do, who precisely buys your products, where your company is today and your aspiration for where you want it to be tomorrow.  

Our Full Business Plan is the perfect choice to relay the essence of your business to lenders, investors or any other party you need to have understand the value of your organization.  The Plan includes the four sections described immediately below plus a customized Executive Summary.  In addition, we can prepare the plan to be printed professionally, delivered electronically - or both if you prefer.   If you need to take your plan's deliver to a different level, check out the options at the bottom of this page for pitch decks, promotional videos and presentation preparation.      

The Executive Summary
The Company Pitch

The Financial Analysis
The Operational Plan
The Market Analysis

Full Business Plans Starting  at $6,499.00

Included In Our Full Business Plan

Customize YOUR Business Plan with Any One of the Following Sections

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Customize a Business Plan That Fits Your Needs with Any of the Following Sections

Strategic Business Planning Your Way


The Company Pitch

The Importance of Clarity in Describing Your Business

What does your company do?

Arguably, one of the most important questions an entrepreneur can be asked.  Regardless of your audience, you need to nail the answer in a way that is clear, concise and easy to understand.  That last part is very important.  Your message has to be delivered in terms simple enough to be understood by a wide variety of people - from a potential customer to a referral source to your ninety-year-old grandmother and your twelve-year old nephew.  You need to be able to tell your story so every one of those listeners has a basic understanding of what you do in sixty-seconds or less.  Clear.  Concise.  Easily Understood.  All that being said, the most important audience to the success of your business, in terms of understanding that question, is  ...well  Do you truly understand your company's purpose?  Do you have a clear vision of what you what your business to become?  Can you develop logical objectives that guide you, your business and your employees in a singular path to reaching your full potential?  If your answer to all three questions isn't an immediate and confident YES, there's a good chance you might be missing your target with strategic planning, marketing and operational systems.  A great Company Pitch addresses all those areas and sets you up to plan a very successful future.

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What's Included

Forecasted Revenue & Funds Needed for Growth

Concise Company Description

Focused Definition of the Problem You Solve

Focused Definition of the Solutions Your Bring to Market

Definition of Industry & Target Market

The Strategic Outline of Your Marketing & Sales Plan

The Company Pitch Starting at $499.00


What's Included

Proforma Income Statement

Proforma Statement of Cash Flow

Proforma Balance Sheet

Owner's Roadmap  & Exit Strategy

The Financial Analysis

The Importance of Understanding Financial Viability

What Will It Cost to Grow?

How Much Revenue Do You Need to Support That New Hire?

What Service Produces the Highest Margins?

How Do Your Expenses Compare to Similar Organizations?

What Can I Afford to Budget for My Digital Marketing Campaign?

Am I Paying Myself What I'm Truly Worth to the Company?

What Financial Ratios Should I Be Monitoring?

How Should I Finance Next Year's Planned Growth?

Is There a Way to Improve My Accounts Receivable Aging?

Which Products Are Draining My Profitability?

What Will My Business Contribute to My Retirement?

All good questions.  Do you know the answers?  Relax, we can help you find them and together ensure you are steering your business towards financial stability and ultimate success.  

The Financial Analysis Starting at $1,499.00

The Operational Plan

Developing Your Path to Success

Knowing exactly where you need to go is a big part of the success equation, but there's still one vital element missing:  knowing exactly how to get there.

Operational Planning is like your navigational system that helps guide key components from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow.  We examine strengths, vulnerabilities, personnel, mechanical resources, technology, potential risk and the gaps that need to be addressed to fulfill your objectives.

All of these factors are then refined into clear goals and performance indicators that can be tracked, monitored and adjusted to keep your organization moving in the right direction.  

Man fingers setting profit button on highest position. Concept image for illustration of p

What's Included

Risk Mitigation Analysis

SWOT Analysis

Succession Planning

Needs & Gap Analysis

Resource & Technology Planning

Customized KPI's or OKR Goals

The Operational Plan Starting at $2,499.00


What's Included

Company's Purpose Statement

Target Market Development

Target Market Segmentation

Market Trend & Growth Analysis

Persona Development

Regulatory Analysis

Barriers to Entry

Competitor Analysis

The Market Analysis

The Critical Importance Of Knowing Your Market

The principal objective of any organization is to sell something to someone.  Profit, non-profit, retail, manufacturing or service-oriented - their success is predicated on the ability to deliver something to someone who finds value in what the organization is producing.  Taking this concept and turning it into something tangible can be summarized by answering the following questions.

What do you do?

Why do you do what you do?

Who will specifically benefit from your product?

Why will the group that benefits find your product valuable?

Why would someone pick your company over another with similar products?

The answers to these questions represent the essence of understanding your market and the drivers that guide our services 

The Market Analysis Starting at $2,499.00


Need More Than A Standard Presentation - We Got You Covered There Too!


Business Planning Presentation Development

All of the Planning Services described above include customized finished layouts suitable to share through Adobe PDF or professionally print through Adobe Illustrator.  They are crafted with care to represent your organization in the best possible way.

But, sometimes you need a little bit more.  Something that blows your competition away and leaves no doubt in your company's ability to deliver.  We got you covered here as well.  We can take the information we developed for you and create beautiful presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint and Prezi.  We can also produce promotional videos as well.  If you need to take your presentation to a different level - look no further! 

Business Plan Presentations Starting at $499.00


Business Presentation Preparation

Have You Ever Pitched an Idea to a Shark?

If you are wincing - 'nuff said.  If you are new to the experience ...well, can be as pleasant as an invasive annual examination.

The good news, there are definitely ways to mitigate an unpleasant experience.
The top three? 

You need to be able to respond quickly and concisely to questions about financing, expense, talent, product and market.  We can work with you on all of those areas, figure out a point of potential vulnerability and develop strategies to address the same.  Then, we will pepper you with the tough questions over and over until your responses are second nature!