How to Survive Shark Attacks

Have you ever pitched an idea for cash?  Rule #1:  Watch for Sharks!  You need to be able to respond timely and with authority to questions about financing, expenses, talent, products, margins, marketing and vision.  If you are thinking to yourself - that's pretty much everything - you're right.  The trick isn't getting in the water, it's coming out with most of your body parts still attached.  Our Shark Survival Training is the next logical step after business planning if you need to pitch your company externally. 

We look back on your entire business plan and find the points where an investor's questioning will be the most intense.  Then we put you through a series of rigorous interviews that are hard-hitting, thought-provoking and might just have you sleeping with the lights on for a good week.  That said, you will learn ways to confidently press your strengths and confidently explain your vulnerabilities.  You will learn survival skills and give yourself a fighting chance to go into the shark tank and come out alive.

"...You're Gonna Need
A Bigger Boat..."


- Martin Brody