Human Resource Support

Customized Help When & Where You Need It.  We Have a Broad Area Of Service For Every Need And Budget

All Of The Above Plus:  Pay Structure Development, Employee Records Protocols, Performance Eval Structure, Hiring & On-Boarding Protocols 

Consultation & Advisory Services

HR Support On-Demand

Hourly Consultation & Advisory Services, Ad Hoc Problem Solving and Project Management

Employee Handbook Development

Core Policies Including:  Discrimination, Time-Off, Harassment, Company Specifics. Benefits Planning 

Position Development & Growth

Evaluation Scoring, Job Descriptions, Interview Guides, Merit Increase System, Performance Criteria

Succession Plans & Labor Budgets

Succession Planning Into The Foreseeable Future, Five-Year Labor Expense Projections

HR Department Starter Package

Subscription Service That Provides Support, Solves Problems & Helps With Employee Performance


HR Department Outsourcing

Need More Than Just Guidance, We Got You Covered With Department - Level Solutions For Small Business Growth

Time Management & Payroll

GPS Based Time Tracking & Full Payroll Facilitation For Small Businesses To Prosper & Scale

Sourcing & Selection Management

Sourcing & Screening, Interview Scheduling, Selection Assistance, Applicant Tracking Management

Employee Records Management

All Personnel Files Secured In One Place, Signature Collection Capacity & An Employee Portal

Employee Performance Management

Formalized Management of Your Employee's Performance To Foster Better Productivity & Return On Your Labor Expense, Addresses Formal Performance Management Protocols, Investigations, Difficult Discussions, Written Warnings, Performance Improvement Plans, Suspensions & Terminations 


Planning & Operational Execution

Whether You Need Strategic Planning or Operational Execution Of An Existing Strategy We Can Help Move You Forward

Subscription Based Consultation, Advisory Services, Strategic Business Planning and Our Operational Tune-Up

Consultation & Advisory Services

Operational Tune-Up

Hourly Consultation & Advisory Services, Ad Hoc Problem Solving and Project Management

Five Year Financial Projections

Proforma Income Statements & Balance Sheets, Cash Burn Analysis, Debt Projections & Ratio Analysis

Complete Strategic Business Plans

Five Year Financial Projections, Strategic Purpose, Organizational Direction, Marketing Plan Summary, Market Analysis, Competitor Analysis, Gap Analysis

Fractional Chief Operating Officer

Our Operational Tune-Up Examines Aligns Your Strategic Vision With Achievable Milestones & Objective And Works to Vertically Align Your Workforce Towards Common Objectives.  

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